autobiography via home

today turned out to be a ridiculously huge blessing. i got a late start, and as my previous post mentioned, i wanted to do nothing but sit, read, and write today. preferably amidst hot drinks and blankets.

this morning i didn't think that was in the cards for today. i had too many things on my to do list, and one of which i was sure would take up the entire afternoon.

upon further investigation that one thing took all of about 30 minutes, and the majority of the rest of my to dos had to wait until peter got home from work. so, i got a solid two and a half hours of relaxing, accompanied by afternoon coffee, a blanket, anthology magazine's fall 2011 issue, and bon iver and canon blue as my background soundtrack. it was beyond spectacular.

one of anthology's articles included a tour of lance dewalt's home in philadelphia. in one quote from lance he says that he shops and sets up his home to be a kind of autobiography.

i absolutely love this idea. in a way it's something that i've thought for the past five or six years [since i've been setting up my own home in a non-dorm-room venue] without articulating it that way. i want my home to reflect who i am, and who we are as a couple. and eventually, who we are as a family.

i think of home as simply an extension of self. i'm not one of those people who ascribes to a certain type of decor, but instead i want my house to reflect the things i like and enjoy. if i really like something i'll find a way to incorporate it into our home. other people may not like it, but they don't live here, so i'm okay with that.

it's also how i tend to think of fashion and style. my style is an extension of me, of who i am, and who i portray to the rest of the world. it may be the only impression i ever make on some people. thus, i'd like it to be accurate.

in addition to all of that, anthology's issue also reminded me of my love for travel. i've officially added stockholm to my list now, and i can't wait for our next big trip somewhere. my best guess is that any extra money we have between now and adopting will go straight into the adoption fund, so that next big trip will probably take us to ethiopia or taiwan. or some other country if everything changes completely.

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and everything may change completely.


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