running a marathon

it's just starting to sink in that my marathon is over. that i ran it. that i can cross it off of my bucket list.

not running today is definitely strange after 18 weeks of running 4 or 5 days a week. however, i'm getting ever closer to walking like a human being instead of a penguin, which is what i resembled for the past two days. [seriously.]

my official chip time was 3:31:03. for the first 20 miles i thought i might be able to break 3:30, but the last six just about wrecked me. i'm absolutely not complaining though - i had zero energy left at the end. i know i couldn't have gone a single second faster, and that's what it's all about. leaving it all out there on the course.

here's me a couple minutes after -- about ready to pass out!

i officially qualified for the boston marathon, but i'm not sure i'll be up for running it, even if i applied and got accepted. still, for my first marathon, i'll take it.

i'm glad i did it. glad i ran it. glad i pushed myself farther than i have before. and right now, i'm glad it's over! i don't know that i'll ever be a perpetual marathoner. i may run another one sometime, but for now i'm going to rest for a while. rest knowing that there are other things on my bucket list waiting to be crossed off. 

rest knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that i can do another one if i want to, because i've done it.

i told peter that i plan to go out and get a 26.2 magnet or sticker for my car now. i ran it. i did it. i earned it. accomplishing something you've been wanting to accomplish for about 20 years has a way of being that much sweeter when it happens. 

bucket list:
love my husband every day of our lives
have a child
adopt a child
raise children who love God
see the grand canyon
visit asia, africa, south america & australia
visit england, ireland & scotland
run a marathon
ski in the alps
coach soccer
kayak on the ocean
go to a world cup soccer game
go back to school
learn french
never lose touch with family or good friends

26.2 baby!


  1. Congratulations, Katie, 3 down...!



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