new year's analysis

how was your christmas? and your new year celebration? did you celebrate? sing auld lang syne and everything?

we had a great time visiting with family and friends over the past week and a half. we spent christmas eve and christmas day mostly with peter's family, and then the 27th through yesterday up in pittsburgh, and ohio visiting my family and some mutual friends from college.

it was harried and crazy, but we expect nothing less from our christmas trip north, so it wasn't anything new. we did manage to connect with more friends than usual which was a major plus for this trip.

anyway, given all the driving we did it gave me a lot of time to think. i have been contemplating 2012 a lot over the past few days. i'm sure many of you have too. i've gone back and forth on a lot of things.

first i thought i wouldn't make any resolutions at all. even goals may have been too strong a word. this is mostly because i'm in really good shape right now - training for a marathon and all - and i'm eating pretty well due to necessity of good fuel that comes with the training. and while i'd love to make it a resolution/goal to have a child in 2012 that is entirely outside of my control, and thus seems a silly thing to "resolve".

many times i've tried to make resolutions in the middle of the year because it seemed silly to need a new month or a new year to resolve to do something.

i digress.

after analyzing the past year, and life, and what my hopes are for the new year, i decided i would like to set some goals. so here are a few of the things i've been thinking. and as is the case with any good policy - the terms and conditions are subject to change...

1. get better at getting up early. i'm a pretty horrible person to be around first thing in the morning. and while i'm not going to set a goal to become a morning person, i would like to be less of a bear in the morning, and a little more like myself.

2. read a book a month. i enjoy reading. i pretty much always have, and thus i read new books regularly. that said, there are more than a few books that have been hanging out on my bookshelves for a few years now, and i just haven't gotten around to them. so, i want to start actually reading them without forcing myself to be terribly rushed. first up is: soccernomics. it's a book i started last year whilst in the midst of another one, but finished the other one and never returned to it.

3. run a marathon. i'm sure this is no surprise to you given that i'm currently in my final two weeks of training, and have mentioned it many times over the past few months. however, it's something that has been on my bucket list since my dad completed his first one when i was about 7 years old, so i had to include it.

4. launch my business. we're so so close to finally launching. this should happen in the next couple weeks, and i'm super excited!

5. do everything in my power to move the adoption process forward. this is a tough one since there is so much that is outside of our control. so i want to make sure i take care of those things that we can control as quickly and completely as possible.

6. enjoy the everyday. sometimes [read: usually] i get caught up in waiting for something big and fabulous and i miss the little things i could appreciate in day to day life. i want to get better at recognizing the everyday blessings, and enjoying the everyday things.

7. enjoy exercise. after my marathon i plan to take a week or so off. then i'd really like to get into the habit of exercising not as a chore, or an obligation, but finding fun ways to exercise from day to day and week to week. i enjoy running, but i'm getting a little burnt out after months of training. so, i'm planning on getting back into yoga, playing soccer, playing tennis, jumping rope, doing pilates, and whatever else i find to do with myself.

do you have big plans for 2012?
what would you like this year to hold?

happy 2012!


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