thursday morning confessions

confession #1: i have been trying to write this post for two days. well, not this post exactly, but a post. i just couldn't figure out what i wanted to say.

confession #2: life is hard right now. i don't know which steps to take next. i don't know what makes the most sense. i just don't know. things haven't turned out like i thought they would. though i'm guessing most people would say that -- our best laid plans fail us. constantly.

confession #3: i hate posting too many sad things in a row. and i'm stuck between trying to be open and vulnerable, and depressing the heck out of both of us.

confession #4: i'm not a patient person unless i'm expecting to need patience in a certain situation. i'm fine with sitting in traffic, or waiting in a long line if i expected the waiting coming into it. if not, well, let's just say i turn into a not-nice person.

confession #5: i miss winter. some people hate winter. i love it. and i miss it.

confession #6: i enjoy playing devil's advocate. and in some situations [read: more than i would like to admit] i like making people feel a little awkward.

confession #7: to paraphrase a quote i heard once -- i thoroughly enjoy learning, but i don't always like being taught.
and there are certain things i wish i didn't have to learn. right now, i'm learning about patience. and strength. and my own poor perspective. about my own false judgments, and incomplete understanding.
i'm learning many things that i didn't think i would ever have to know.
but i am learning. and i suppose that's something.

confession #last: i have a bit of an addiction to shopping. these are all on my wish list right now...

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your turn.


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