soaking in the silence

i've been sitting quietly, taking it all in this morning. the heat register kicks on intermittently. the refrigerator has a louder than normal hum. the hammers in the distance nail a on a new roof somewhere. occasionally bexley whines to go outside, or to come inside. outside of that it's nothing but quiet.

nothing but me and my thoughts.

i have nowhere to go today, but plenty to do. and truth be told, i don't feel like doing some of it. i've been pretty tired over the past few days, and trying to fight off a cold which is taking a big chunk of my energy.  i feel like hunkering down with hot drink after hot drink, and just writing, writing, writing.

not because i have anything important to say, but because it's just one of those days.

it's clear and cool outside. it's quiet and cozy inside. and pajamas and blankets are beckoning me with all their might.

it's one of those days when, as kids, my brother and i would have built a fort in the living room from blankets, pillows, and an overturned rocking chair. the perfect "snow day" day with the one huge exception of the snow.

one of these days i will have to plan a "do nothing at home, completely relaxed, no agenda day." the fact that i'll have to plan it should be telling enough...

anyway, as much as i'd love for today to be that day, it's not. instead, here are some cheery pictures to help you feel like it's a fabulous snow day no matter where you are in the world.

Source: via Yodel on Pinterest

Source: via Corinne on Pinterest

Source: via Vanya on Pinterest

it's almost friday!


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