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a couple of weeks ago i found out that another blogger i follow is prego. and since then she has written a few letters to her baby, and plans on continually writing letters [at least] until the little munchkin is born. it got me thinking about what a great idea that is - to write letters to your unborn child.

of course, i subsequently got a little depressed at the prospect of never getting to write letters to the unborn child somersaulting about in my body. but then i thought - why not write them anyway? no matter who births our children our babies will know that we have been thinking about them, and planning for them for a very long time. 

i have no idea what the adoption process will look like for us. just a few weeks ago i thought we would be in a very different place than we actually are on this last day of january. by the time we actually bring a child home i may have a few years worth of letters to him/her. i don't know what will happen. but i have decided to write him/her anyway...

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to our dearest little one,

i don't know you yet. i haven't even heard news of your existence. at this point i have no idea who you are, or if your birthmother-to-be is even expecting you. i do know, that i'm anxious to meet you, and i'm hoping, with a cautious hope, that it won't be too long before that happens.

we've been waiting for you for a long time. your daddy and i have prayed for you time and time and time again. we already know - even without knowing anything else - what a huge blessing you will be, and that we are going to love you with more love than we ever thought possible. you will have so many people who love you. so many people surrounding you who will want to spoil you rotten. but your daddy won't let them. he'll reason with them, and rationalize with them, and ask them to donate to your college fund instead. that way you'll be spoiled with education, which [i hate to tell you] is more important than toys anyway. 

your daddy is the best guy you'll ever know. i promise. despite the fact that he will purposefully embarrass you as a teenager, and won't let you get away with irrational arguments. he'll read you fairy tales as a toddler and jokingly tell you something crazy like: the moral of sleeping beauty is that boys should kiss sleeping girls. but more importantly, he will always want what is best for you. we both will.
and i hope that somehow you'll end up with the best parts of both of us. 

i can't wait to watch you learn and grow, and to become the person God created you to be. i wonder who you'll be. i wonder how old you'll be for your first christmas. i wonder what sport you'll favor. will all of the time you'll inevitably spend around a soccer field as a child make you fall in love with it? or will you decide on something else? will you be a picky eater, or love all kinds of food? will you be a lefty like your grandpas, and your cousin? will you be a whirlwind of activity, or a calm child?

i can't wait to know you're coming. i can't wait to know you. i can't wait to rock you to sleep at night - or walk laps around the house if that's what it takes. i can't wait to wrap you up in your blanket and kiss your little baby cheeks. i can't wait to have all kinds of adventures with you. i can't wait to meet your courageous, expectant, birthmother-to-be.

i just can't wait.
i love you to pieces already.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

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