t-minus 1 day. then 3 more.

so, this upcoming week is kind of a big week. between a week ago yesterday, and today a whole bunch of stuff essentially fell apart. and between today, and next wednesday i'm aiming to have accomplished two big time goals.

one day from now - as long as nothing crazy happens - i'll have almost finished my first marathon.
three days after that - i'll be launching my business.

t-minus 1 day. then 3 more.

life comes at you fast, and the past months have been no exception. we're processing so much right now. we're trying to simultaneously move several things forward without collapsing in upon ourselves.

yesterday i was working on a few business things when i realized that we are leaving for charleston today. and i hadn't seen fit to work packing into my schedule. so i dropped everything and wrote out my list. this involved phone calls, and checking weather.com a few times. i wrote everything down - from my breakfast food to bobby pins - in hopes that i won't forget anything at all. for the past 24 hours i've been oscillating between excited and nervous. back and forth continuously feeling one or the other.

today i need to finish putting everything into a bag, go for a very very short - shake the legs out - jog, leave a note for our dog-sitter, and possibly take a little nap before jumping in the car to head down to charleston later this afternoon.

these will be my mantras tomorrow:

i'll stop when i cross the finish line.

if you think of me tomorrow morning,
please say a prayer :o)
happy weekend!


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