3...2...1... turquoise & plum!!

personally i've never been to a rocket launch, but i love the build-up of a countdown.

for me, the countdown for turquoise & plum started around 300 - with each number representing a day. and yesterday it happened. yesterday the first five pieces went up for sale! yesterday, we officially launched the site!! and i've been freaking out a little bit ever since if you want to know the truth.

i'm super excited for this adventure, but i'm also so so nervous. peter is absolutely convinced it'll succeed, but i keep thinking about how many small businesses fail. and then i quickly banish said thoughts from my mind and try to think positive. [it works about 50 percent of the time.]

turquoise & plum

i absolutely adore all of the pieces in my shop. otherwise, i wouldn't sell them! but, i think my favorite part of it is the blog. there is a blog post to go along with each one of the pieces with a few pictures of one or more outfits i put together with that piece, and do's & don'ts  about how to wear it.

turquoise & plum

people ask me all the time about jewelry/accessories/clothes/etc. that i'm wearing, and far too often i hear women tell me that they don't know how to wear something, or would never be able to pull an outfit off. there are things that each one of us cannot pull off because we shouldn't try to pull it off. some looks are just bad, and should not be attempted. some looks are fabulous on waif-thin models who also happen to be 6 feet tall. i am not 6 feet tall. thus, if i try to wear something that only looks good on a tall person i will look like a stumpy, disproportional person.

that said, there are times when women say they couldn't pull off an outfit, and what they're actually saying is that they would not be comfortable enough in their own skin in that outfit -- she'd be too self-conscious, and lack confidence because she wasn't 100% positive that she looked great.

turquoise & plum

confidence goes a long way. sometimes i'm a little bit unsure of something, and i change. other times i'm unsure of what other people will think of an outfit, but i look in the mirror and say, screw it, i like it. often, those outfits are the ones on which i get the most compliments.

every person can look great in clothes. and every person will have clothes that, given his/her body type, he/she shouldn't wear. period. 

turquoise & plum

jewelry is one of those things though, that with few exceptions, anyone can wear. it's just a matter of what you pair with it. 

that said, if you want to check out the shop, here's the link: www.turquoiseandplum.com.

turquoise & plum

happy wednesday!


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