bienvenue octobre

i love october. mainly because in charlotte october means fall. september means a yearning for fall, but continuous summer temperatures. whereas october actually rings in the season. many times over the past few weeks i have wanted to go back up north (with all the other "yankees") and come back down once it actually felt like fall. however, neither my husband, nor my job would have gone for that proposal so i have been stuck yearning for cooler temperatures. this week the continuous cycle has been broken.

i woke up this morning, and for maybe the second day in months i felt like i could breathe deeply and really take in the air around me. there was a slight chill in the air, even inside because we have yet to switch our thermostat off of the a/c setting. but it was PERFECT for the slight sleeping in i did this morning.

this is what my day has looked like since:

note that i am wearing a sweater. however, it's not because i actually need a sweater, but more because i won't sweat to death wearing it. hence, i decided to.

i did get some good reading in this morning, and i fully intend to continue for a portion of the afternoon, coffee and all.

i also get to spend some time catching up with one of my favorite high school girls this afternoon.

all in all...

it's a GOOD DAY!


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