"i need the eggs"

i watched "annie hall" this morning. i bought it a while ago because it was on sale at target, and i had heard good things. today i finally decided to take the time to watch it. it's a pretty short movie, but it was interesting. i think my favorite parts were the beginning and ending monologues. the "jokes" that he told were so ridiculous that they were funny. especially the egg joke at the end. i simply had to laugh and shake my head.

the movie brought an interesting perspective to love. or luff. or loarve. whichever version of the word you would like to use.

part of me wants to continue this lazy lying around the house, but i know i won't. i can't. even though i'm exhausted from bexley waking me up with incessant whining much earlier than i was ready to crawl out of bed, i must be somewhat productive today. i think i'm going to hem a dress that i bought that is a little too long. if only every shop had a petite section...

anyway, apparently yesterday's post was a bit presumptuous because according to the local weatherman summer will find us once more in the next week or so, but i'm holding on to my fall. actually despite the far too green leaves that are on our trees outside i changed my desktop picture to one from our trip to france last year. i found a great picture of what fall is actually supposed to look like from our drive through the mountains outside of nice/monaco. from now until ski season i'll be looking at gorgeous fall leaves, and dreaming of a place such as this.

off to be productive


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