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there has been so much going on this week i hardly know where to start. and yet, i know that everything that i have to type will take up far more than the 10 minutes i have for this post.

i've learned a lot this week. and i've let go of a lot this week. both extremely good things... i've sustained injuries, such as this little beauty - courtesy of a 220+ lb. man in our soccer game on tuesday:

i spent the majority of my day yesterday reading. i read an entire book for work, and started "the shack" which i finished today. i haven't cried so much in quite a while.

even though i know this book is not scripture, nor should it be interpreted as such there was so much truth in its pages. in the midst of it, and for the rest of the day today i've felt closer to, and more in tune with my heavenly "papa" than i have for a very long time.

i made some very real mistakes lately, and peter and i were talking through that stuff last night. today i woke up late, and defeated. i was frustrated with myself, and even though i felt much lighter for having had the discussion i was still somewhat numb. and then i delved into the latter part of "the shack" which scraped the scab off of my heart, and let me feel again.

my story isn't over, but some big steps have been taken.

my final gem for the day is a quick story: last night after peter and i had talked for a while about other things we were discussing how to encourage ourselves and each other to look for other streams of revenue. not because either of us is leaving our current job. but, we would like to be prepared for that possibility if it ever comes up.

anyway, peter suggested a contest between the two of us. every couple months we'd look at our finances and see who had brought in more alternative income - ie: not the income tied to our day jobs - and possibly get some sort of reward, even if it was simply pride.

i told him i thought it was not a good idea. i'm wickedly competitive. he knows this. yet, he still thought it was a good idea, and the whole purpose was to utilize the competitive nature instilled in both of us to accomplish a goal.

i responded: "well, the first time i poison you, you'll think otherwise."

don't worry people, i was joking. but peter thought it was hilarious. not just because of the words themselves, but also because it inherently implied that i would poison him many times.

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i love my husband


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