"...be thinking"

i got a message from peter today to "be thinking" about alternate streams of income. not because he's leaving his job. because on a variety of levels he would like to leave his job. today was one of those days for him. so, i did what any wife would do.

i thought.

and then i did.

over the course of the past year or so i've been inspired by many many people. namely because i have a fantastic friend who told me about etsy. she directed me to her blog to get a link to it, and on her blog i found her shop. and i was smitten. an absolute smitten kitten.

through these and subsequent blogs i found knack. back in may i got to go visit the knack studio, and meet barb - creator of all things knack.

well, suffice it to say that by the time i met barb the creativity bug had taken a bite out of me. thanks mostly to etsy, knack, and various other fantastic blogs. that day at the knack studio i got up the nerve to ask barb how one would go about recreating a piece of furniture. and barb, lovely person that she is, obliged and gave me some wonderful tips.

so, today, with my husband peeved at work, and me taking a day off thanks to the spectacularly long day i had at the beginning of my work week, i let my creative juices flow.

we have two extra dressers in our house. both of which were free, one of which i've been dying to make over since the day we hauled it to charlotte from my grandparents dilapidated house in pittsburgh. today was that day. the day to recreate. to test out my abilities. to see if it was something i could do - something i might possibly want to do as an extra little stream of income. somehow, some way, someday. today was my test run.

so here is my first ever before and after. (or maybe just after pictures because my computer is being unbelievably finicky right now) i decided to name her barb after both barb of the infamous knack, and my grandmother whose house from whence she came.

tomorrow i will post more pictures once the sun comes up and i can get some with better lighting, and i'll hopefully get to post the "before" pics as well. we are headed to a giant neighborhood garage sale in the morning, so hopefully i'll find some more promising gems there.

until then...
sweet dreams and
happy weekend!


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