new project

i wanted to quickly share with you my new blog project.

the project i will be undertaking has been aptly named "an outfit a day." this idea came to me last week when peter and i were discussing the need i have to, ahem, not buy any more clothes for a while.

so, i wanted to find a way to figure out how often i wear the clothes which are already in my repertoire, or more specifically, my closet.

for a while when i was in middle school or high school i wrote down what outfit i wore each day. this time i wanted to go a step further, and decided that i will take a picture of my outfit each day. this will greatly benefit me - so i can keep track of what i wear, and what should go in the goodwill pile, and perhaps it will benefit you if you'd like to see what i wear on a daily basis.

my only caveat is this: if i do not actually get dressed for the day, which happens occasionally, i will not post a picture.

today i wore two outfits since i had to change to run around with middle schoolers this evening. the only piece i'll show you however, is this necklace, which i've been waiting to wear for a few weeks...

see you tomorrow friends!


  1. it would be very sad for me to show what i wear everyday. some days you might think i re-posted the picture from the day before. i walked into ann taylor loft last week with becca and suddenly wanted a job so i would have a reason to wear nice clothes everyday. oh well...looking forward to dressing/looking nice through you!


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