funky funk funk

i've been in a funk lately. and i'm hoping that it's not due to the flu. i feel like i've been on the cusp of sickness for a while, and i'm slipping through by the skin of my teeth and not actually getting sick. however, the past few days i have been fatigued, exhausted and a bit queasy. in the middle of the day i'm okay, but morning and evening are questionable.

so, maybe it's not a good time to try to push myself back on track, but i've never been one to be terribly conventional. i decided that even though up until now i've failed miserably every time i've tried to get myself on a consistent schedule now is as good a time as any to try, try again.

cross-country season is almost over. fall is well underway. this is as "scheduled" for work as i will probably ever be, so why not get the rest of my life to follow suit?

i am going to try to break myself out of this funk. because i don't like feeling purposeless, or going to bed at night without accomplishing something.

i'm less than 4 weeks from my half marathon, and training has been tough. mostly because with cross country season i haven't had as much time to get in my own workouts. but i'm pushing through.

tomorrow begins my new plan. workout in the morning everyday except monday. i'm going to start with some morning yoga, and then go on to a 5 mile run to start off another VERY busy wednesday.

and on that note -

good night sweetheart
well it's time to go...


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