breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner

my day today essentially was about meals. and who i was eating them with. 4 specific people actually.

i had breakfast with a former student - now a college freshman, and she and i hadn't had a chance to have a meal and talk for quite a while. this morning we finally (more my fault than hers) headed to cracker barrel for a delicious breakfast of coffee, eggs, bacon, biscuits and the oh-so-healthy fried apples.

my next "meeting" was at 1:30, for lunch with one of my current students. the public schools down here have 2 days off this week - randomly - for teacher workdays and conferences. so, we headed to fridays for a good lunch and scrumptious desserts! i had chocolate peanut butter pie.

chocolate peanut butter pie

oh my goodness, it was good.

we also had good conversation. she's a senior so we talked about colleges and calculus and what we each thought of high school english. bits and pieces of what's going on in her world.

my third person of the day was my sis-in-law. since cross-country season ended not seeing her everyday has seemed strange, especially since we used to talk for a little while after almost every practice.

so, today we grabbed some coffee, or to be completely factual, we grabbed some pumpkin spice lattes at starbucks and caught up for a little bit.

finally i came home, spent a little bit of time editing my father-in-law's book (thus far i'm going one chapter at a time, and i've only completed two), and then continued on to cook dinner. tonight we enjoyed a "ham" and cheese pasta bake. the recipe itself called for thin slices of ham, but i decided to use pancetta with a little bit of prosciutto instead. it was quite good. better than expected actually.

at this point i'm getting nervous-excited for the race on saturday. i keep trying to remind myself that i've done it already, and i can do it on saturday. and even though i'm praying for a good running day on saturday, even if i have a bad one i'm not exactly one to quit mid-way so worst case scenario i don't meet my goal time.

actually, worst case scenario i get sick and can't run at all. but i've been praying against that for weeks! and i'd love for you to join me.

finally i have my outfits from yesterday and today to share. it actually took more effort not to post yesterday than it would have to do it, but it was late and i was trying to coax myself into going to bed instead of prolonging my sleepiness. and i do think it was a good thing to expunge my ocd tendencies for one night and just crawl into bed.

i digress...yesterday first, then today:

sleep tight sugar plums!


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