write what you know

my mind has been going a million miles a minute today. i experienced an unconventional tuesday today. i welcomed the change.

i spent very little time in the office today. after a short morning i stopped to pick up lunch and headed to peter's mom's classroom to have lunch with her. she showed me lots of goodies from her art conference over the weekend, and i'm eager to implement some of the techniques - one in particular. it's called visual journaling. basically, you journal with not just words, but also with drawings, collages, photo transfers - anything and everything.

she also showed me some of the books she's been altering, which were looking very cool.

on my way to the school though i was listening to npr, and they were interviewing a woman who wrote a biography of louisa may alcott. she said much of little women was based on ms. alcott's life - she was very similar to jo's character.

the interview reminded me of what jo is told in the book - write what you know. i think that's why i struggle with writing. it seems like i don't know much about much. it's kind of hard to write a book about nothing much...

anyway, i was inspired by my morning and early afternoon, and inspiration continued to jump out at me through various mediums for the rest of the day.

i came home and spent time enraptured in a book for work by don miller. it gave me many insights into my world, and the world of others.

after finishing said book i headed off to 2 different goodwill stores to search for diamonds in the rough.

once that adventure was complete i went to a high school girls' volleyball game to support one of the girls from church. tonight they won the first round of states. (the rest of the tournament is this weekend.)

finally, i came home and whipped up some chicken cacciatore for the hubby and i.

even though i didn't have a set to do list today i felt very productive, like i learned new things, stretched my wings so-to-speak, and filled my lungs with some much needed air.

more often than i would like to admit i feel like i'm drowning. like i don't get to do much of what i like, or that i want to do, but i'm constantly doing things that i "need" to do, that i don't much like doing.

don't get me wrong, i know that life throws you plenty of lemons, and sometimes this whole "being a grown-up" thing sucks. i know that it includes responsibility that is rarely fun. however, too often i'm doing things i don't like doing not out of responsibility. i'm doing them because i feel like i have to. and living life simply out of obligation is not a good place to be.

once again, i need to re-examine my priorities and build in time to do those things that breathe life into me. those things that keep my heart beating and my lungs full of fresh air.

final note - today's first outfit. i didn't wear this scampering around town, but it did accompany me through the majority of my day.

for the rest of the night
i'll be curled up with a book
and a blanket


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