dirty mouth

i had a potty mouth in middle school. having a potty mouth seemed fairly innocent to me then because well, it's not like i was smoking or drinking or doing something really terrible. it took me a long time to break away from that dirty mouth. and most of the time i'm really good about thinking through what i want to say, and using good descriptors that are longer than 4 letters. (i even went on a self-righteous kick in high school where i would lightly smack my friends who swore - give them a slap on the wrist so-to-speak. really not cool.)

however, at this point my dirty mouth tends to reincarnate itself very quickly when i'm in shock over something. the "bad" words are the only ones that tend to pop into my head then. like, for instance tonight, when the steelers almost gave up a 28 point lead. i had many words to say. many many words. and most were not... constructive.

i do think that there are certain, albeit uncommon times, when a selective, well-placed 4 letter word is at least the most fitting, if not the "best" word to use. there is obviously a time and a place, and a good many other caveats that go along with this thought, but generally that's what i think. sometimes the vulgar (which is from the latin, vulgate, ie: common) word is the only way to get your point across.

and that's my TRULY HONEST


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