everyone has a story to tell. everyone.

i'm trying to figure out what mine will tell. what it should tell.

today was a day of stories. good stories. inspiring stories. which, admittedly, cause me to step back and study what's becoming of my story.

for the past four days i was wrapped up in the pages of monsieur dumas, and the story of d'artagnan and his dear friends: athos, porthos and aramis. this trail through the classics has had me wondering more than once - why in the world did i not think of this before? how have i missed out on all of these fantastic literary works?

the three musketeers is a story that makes me want to be more. no, it doesn't make me want to fight duels or wear plumage in my oversized hat, but it does remind me of the longing in my heart to leave a mark. to make a difference.

when i've not been lost in the stories of heroes, i've been surfing the tumultuous waves of my thoughts. they drag me out and bring me back again.

upon reaching the end of this book i sat pondering the affect of both character and characters on surrounding people.

tonight, we watched another incredible story - although this one was based on a real story. "defiance" had a different effect on me than i expected. it left me with the haunting thought - would i have had the courage to do the same, in the same situation? would i have enough gumption to stand up and do what's right even if it may cost me my life? would i sacrifice whatever i had to in order to provide for those in need?

both stories wove a similar thread. sacrifice. putting others ahead of yourself. a true understanding of brotherhood and friendship.

what would the world be like if we let go of what we "deserve" and what we're "entitled to"?

i know
i'm an idealist.

what should be isn't what is
because we're fallen

and broken


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