this is what i like to see...

i checked this morning for our forecast, as i do at the start of each and every week. today, however, was the first time in a while i've really liked what i found. now if only it'll stay that way.

Forecast for Charlotte, NC (28269)

10-Day Forecast

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Oct 12
Rain63°/56°70 %
Oct 13
Partly Cloudy77°/54°20 %
Oct 14
Rain58°/48°80 %
Oct 15
Showers65°/51°40 %
Oct 16
Mostly Cloudy61°/45°20 %
Oct 17
Mostly Cloudy63°/42°20 %
Oct 18
Sunny65°/41°0 %
Oct 19
Sunny66°/44°0 %
Oct 20
Sunny68°/45°0 %
Oct 21
Few Showers73°/49°30 %
Last Updated Oct 12 11:20 a.m. ET

yay for chillier weather and finally a real start to fall! now i can actually do all of the wonderful fall things i've been writing about for the past month or so. bonfires here we come!

we actually kicked fall off quite well yesterday. we took the high schoolers to a corn maze - or an amazing maize maze whichever you prefer - and then picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and carved them at youth group last night. next time i'll try to remember to rent a fire hose to clean up afterwards...

in any case. it was a lot of fun trekking through the maze with them, and watching there excitement as they jumped in and through a giant trough of corn. you know those plastic ball pits they have? this was like one of those, only with dried corn kernels.

i also squeezed in a 12ish mile run after church yesterday which actually felt pretty good for the majority of the time - much much better than my 11 mile run last saturday. i can't believe we're less than 3 weeks away from the half-marathon. craziness.

hope your autumn is


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