attention deficit

tonight i am proving neil postman right -- i'm currently flipping back and forth between this:


and this:

if you've never read neil postman's eerily accurate description of our society, a.k.a. amusing ourselves to death, it's worth your over-scheduled time [and mine, i could use a re-read of it...]. one of the many things he argues is that we've gotten to the point where we don't think twice about hearing completely random, non-sequiturs in succession. our brains don't really process all of the information because we're skipping to the next thing so quickly. we've stopped really thinking about most of what we hear and see. he refers to it as the nightly news syndrome [or something like that]. it's simply distracting entertainment which skips from a cat getting rescued, to a car accident, to a shooting, to what-have-you. i'm not explaining it well enough to do it justice, but the book is not only very interesting, it's also very true.

there's my two cents for the day...

hope your monday
was fabulous!


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