books upon books, and weekend goodness

i spent a lot of my day today with my nose stuck in a book. i have such a long list of "must-read" books that i'm grateful for making progress on a few of them.

this morning marked an exciting day here. i sat outside on our deck and read for most of the morning without sweating to death. i actually put on a long-sleeve shirt [simply because i could] and tucked my legs under a blanket [to ward off the persistent mosquitoes]. coffee, bexley, "the happiness project," and i made quite the quartet. the more i read "the happiness project" the more i identify with the author, and the more i want to start one of my own. i've decided to wait until i finish the book though, that way i'll have a better picture of what all it will entail.

i then [finally] attached the basket that i bought months ago to the front of my bike, and rode it to the office for a bit and then down to caribou coffee for more reading, and to write letters to some of last year's seniors. my iced mocha treated me quite well, and it felt good to sit down and write a real snail mail letter.

i've decided i need to do that more.

this whole week in fact has been quite enjoyable. i don't know if it's the obscene amount of time i've spent in coffee shops, with my nose in a book, and with lots of people i haven't hung out with in a while, or what, but regardless i'm thankful for the mood boost.

this weekend promises all kinds of goodness as well. i'll start my day early with a large cup of coffee, and most likely a pain au chocolat from the bakery at the farmer's market.


after loading up with all the bounty of early fall we'll return only to prepare to leave again and head down to greenville, sc for what promises to be the highlight of the weekend. tomorrow we will be attending the first annual indie craft parade!



i talked peter AND his parents into coming too. a few artists i know already will be there, and i'm looking forward to meeting new [to me] independent artists as well.

now i just have to remember to take my camera with me to document all of the fabulousness!

hope you enjoy
YOUR weekend
sugar plums!


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