glimpses of fall

admittedly fall is hiding more than i would like it to right now, however, my new rule is to focus [as much as possible] on the positives. fake it til you feel it, if you will.

summer has started to loosen its grip on the world, and despite the heat during the day it has relinquished its hold on the evening and nighttime hours. walking bexley in the morning no longer consists of sweating through my clothes. running outside is no longer torturous. saturday night peter and i even managed to sit outside on our back deck with wine [and rousing conversation of course] and i actually grabbed a blanket.

i'm anxious for the days when the farmer's market is overflowing with pumpkins and gourds. when apples are officially in season, hot drinks fill my days, and bonfires finish them. there are so many good things about fall.

the end of summer is near though. pre-season football is now over and soon gives way to the regular season. labor day is upon us. boots will start skipping their way into my wardrobe once again.

i've decided that our anniversary comes at the absolute perfect time. it falls at the beginning of my favorite time of year. it's like a beacon calling out to me. summer is over. you've made it through without suffering from heat exhaustion -- now come play in the leaves.

last night we celebrated our anniversary. i'm going to share with you an excerpt from my journal from last night because it describes our evening quite well.

"tonight was a good night. despite the fact that our anniversary was on thursday we celebrated it tonight. we went to a lovely little restaurant call 'custom shop' and had a fantastic dinner. part of peter's decision to go there...had much to do with the fact that they offer meat and cheese plates and he thought i'd enjoy that -- and i did, immensely. in fact at one point he said -- "you're in food heaven right now, aren't you?" [and i was]. in my left hand i held a delightfully effervescent white wine which our waitress recommended, and in my right hand was a delicious combination of camembert and apricots. oh my word, it was phenomenal."

i could go on and on about the dinner itself, and the restaurant and the conversation. about our quick jaunt around the block after dinner. the restaurant was in a part of charlotte which is just starting to be refurbished, and the juxtaposition of the old, not-yet-renovated, and the newly made over upscale restaurants was quite striking.

we skipped dessert at the restaurant and decided instead to stop at the grocery store on the way home for ice cream and popsicles. we ate said dessert while watching a few episodes of arrested development, which, as always, was quite hilarious.

there is a lot more that has been on my mind lately, but given how late it's getting i should probably try to cross a few other things off of my to do list today.

i hope your labor day
is anything but laborious!


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