monday, one day

today was chock full of mini "events" - nothing really to note, but thankfully i did manage to accomplish a thing or two.

i cleaned this and that, finished the happiness project, put off going through my closet yet again, planned our menu for the week, and ran a bunch of errands. my only annoyance for the day was trying to find my face wash [since i'm about to run out], only to find that they are apparently discontinuing it since 0 out of 5 places had it in stock, and 2 of said places were drugstores. although i suppose if that is all i have to complain about i need to count my blessings...

my anniversary present from peter also came today. don't worry, he also took me out for a fabulous dinner, and bought me a dozen red roses in addition to the maybe not so romantic, but very exciting gift i'm about to tell you about.

this is clocky:

clocky is a mobile alarm clock, and i have him set so that when my alarm goes off he runs away. he literally jumps off of my nightstand, and rolls away while sounding the alarm. this way i can't hit snooze! given my failed attempts at trying to get up earlier, and constantly hitting snooze or turning my alarm off without actually realizing it this is the perfect gift. i hope it works as well as i expect it to, and bexley doesn't eat it.

in other news we also had the first game of our new indoor soccer season tonight, and managed to pull out a tie even though we were losing by 2 with 1 minute left in the game. [yes, you read that correctly, i did not accidentally switch the numbers]

we're finishing up our night with a couple of panzanella paninis - tomato, mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette. scrumptious. simply scrumptious.

this weekend turned out just fabulously as i'd hoped, as we made our way to the farmer's market, and to the indie craft parade. i always love the feeling i get from the farmer's market. not just the delicious food at spectacular prices, or the meeting of the people who sell their hard work along with the food there, but it's the mixture of the two.

i have no gift whatsoever with plants. i've actually been quite impressed at my ability to keep a couple herbs alive for a few months. but generally speaking i've killed everything else [and i do mean everything else].

so, by getting up early on a saturday morning i don't just get a sense of accomplishment, but i get to support the hard work of these farmers. i get to meet the people who grow my food. by supporting them monetarily -- by buying their goods, i'm thanking them for their ability to wake up at the crack of dawn and tend to their farms, something at which i would fail MISERABLY.

the indie craft parade was also quite amazing. my husband may not have had the best attitude throughout the entire thing, but i saw barb from knack, and many other talented artists and craftsmen. i managed to keep all the money i came with, but that was due more to the fact that not many of the vendors were able to take credit cards, and i stupidly left my checkbook at home. what can i say? live and learn...

i also sadly forgot my camera because of all the jostling around between the farmer's market and our mini trip to greenville. truthfully though there were so many people i'm not sure i would have captured many good shots.

anyway, this week promises more structure [like last week] and hopefully a settling into things. unfortunately i also have to send one of my favorite girls back up to college in ohio at the end of the week, but i'm taking her shopping beforehand [potentially with starbucks in tow -- and a pumpkin spice latte at that].

i'm also hoping to catch one or two middle school and/or high school sports games this week to support some of my kiddos. all in all it's starting to feel more like fall even if the weather isn't cooperating yet.

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am extremely


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