more shopping!

as i may or may not have mentioned previously peter and i got cable for the world cup back at the beginning of the summer. we have since decided to keep it for a little bit longer, although canceling it is certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

anyway, that said i dvr tlc's "what not to wear" every day. [they replay old shows everyday at noon.]
[via google images and tlc]

today's show was the one with mayim bialik, aka blossom, and she said, like many nominees on that show, that she hates shopping.

this idea is absolutely foreign to me.

i love shopping. with a passion. and sometimes to my own detriment. i simply don't understand why you wouldn't want to wake up everyday and put something fabulous on your body, which is exactly why i love this show.

i don't know if they just choose not to air some of the shows they film, but every single person that i've ever seen on the show not only has a fairly drastic before & after, but each person feels SO MUCH BETTER about him or herself by the end of the process.

now, i'm certainly not suggesting that the outside is more important than the inside, but the two are much more intertwined than we usually like to admit.
[kinda like this ring...]

the inside affects the outside, and the outside affects the inside - like the whole "fake it til you feel it" idea i mentioned yesterday. smiling makes you happier.

what not to wear usually ends up as a whole person makeover even though they're only addressing the clothing one puts on his/her body.

the show causes people to think about themselves -- what they're portraying to the world around them, how they want to be seen, and often, why they "don't care about their clothes." the latter usually turns into much more than that...

sometimes people at my office make comments about the clothes i wear -- most are positive, but one or two people always talk about how "dressed up" i am. (my office isn't a particularly "dressy" environment.) but more often than not it makes me laugh. i like getting dressed up and looking nice. it makes me feel like i'm doing something important even on days when i'm not so sure.

there is a part of me that wishes i could be on that show - not because i don't know how to dress, but simply because getting to pick the brains of stacy london and clinton kelly for an entire week would be a great experience.

anyway, i'm late for my date with the gym.

hope you're having a fabulous day!


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