"stay alert, eyes wide open with gratitude"

this morning as i was reading through the end of colossians [in "the message"] i came across the above phrase.

stay alert, eyes wide open with gratitude

and it struck me. how often do i have my eyes wide open with gratitude? most days even if i try to concentrate on the good things i don't necessarily focus with GRATITUDE on the good things. and i certainly don't look gratefully upon the bad things that creep into my day. 

so i'm going to try to start this day off correctly. today i'm grateful for the time i have; for the smell of my black plum persimmon candle with just the right twinge of fall; for answered prayers; for the opportunity to meet a few new people; for the blessings that have been given to me, even if that requires me keeping everything in order.

these are simply the tip of the iceberg. if my eyes are really wide open, i think i will be full of gratitude. full.

today holds a lot of cleaning up - as we've moved more into the structured "fall" season [it's supposed to go up to 97* on this fall extended summer day] i haven't yet found the best times to clean the house. so i have clean clothes in laundry baskets that desperately need to be put away, my closet is overflowing with shoes out of place, and there are plenty of other little things to which i need to tend.

amidst all the craziness, and lack of cleanliness, i have managed to keep my [clothes] shopping fast thus far. i know it hasn't been very long, but i love fall clothes which just so happen to be out everywhere right now. here's to pressing on! 

thanksgiving isn't that far away, right?

i'm off to light a bunch of yummy-smelling candles, turn on dance music, and clean the house.

try to contain your jealousy.


  1. I have the desire to clean, just not the energy. Can you come up this way a bit and clean for me? I'll pay you. Lots.

    Anyways, I'm grateful for answered prayers too!

  2. (I always forget to sign my name.)


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