let's go ahead and call a spade a spade...

some days just aren't all they're cracked up to be. today happened to be one of those days. it started out quite sunny and nice. clocky worked his magic this morning, and i shot out of bed like gang busters to rescue him, as on his first launch from my nightstand he decided to roll directly under the bed.

bexley and i had a lovely jaunt this morning, and almost caught a whiff of fall as i observed the very first few leaves taking their places atop the lawns instead of the branches.

the morning as a whole really wasn't so terrible. but once we got to the afternoon work felt far too much like work, plans i had made for part of the evening fell through at the last minute [again], and tonight i've been a bit crabby and not-so-long ago realized that i have far too much left to do this evening to get enough shut-eye before clocky sends me on a wild goose chase again.

all that said there were high points today. there were plenty of good things mixed in with the various frustrations. my favorite class at the gym takes place on tuesdays, and tonight it was a delightfully sparse crowd which usually makes it more fun because you're not so worried about running into someone, or forced by a sheer lack of space to stare at someone else's butt while doing squats.

on the way home though is where i discovered the true gem for the day. every time i come home from the gym i come the back way -- it's like my mental cool down in addition to the physical one. anyway, tonight coming the back way meant driving directly into the best dusky remains of a sunset i have ever seen. the sun was already down far enough that it no longer blinded me, but the stratus clouds still looked like an impressionist painting à la monet. the moon was out, and the sky to the east was that perfect, rich, navy blue color that only shows up at just that time of evening. the sky to the west showed one or two early stars, and captured the spirit of what dusk should look like oh-so-well.

my day tomorrow promises a time of study in the morning with some spectacular ladies, a delicious lunch with one of my faves, an afternoon pumpkin spice latte pick-me-up, retrieving some pottery i painted last week with one of my girls, an abundance of middle-schoolers, and all of it topped off by watching a soccer game. i'm confident that it WILL be a good day!

another day.


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