charlotte = schizophrenic

no, seriously. it was hot and gross and nasty today, just as it has been for the past week or so, and tonight it finally feels good outside. we're back to that twinge of fall. i'm grateful for it, don't get me wrong, and i'm desperately hopeful that the fall will stick around this time. after all it is mid september...

anyway, i meant to post yesterday, and earlier today, but nothing has gone completely according to plan. c'est la vie. i had a GREAT (and i do mean great) day yesterday, but was so beat by the end of it that i turned in fairly early. today i did more than i was planning on, but all were good things, and i probably enjoyed the day more than i thought i would.

yesterday involved phone calls to a handful of people whom i haven't touched base with in a while; good conversation (in person) with a friend; a pumpkin spice latte in the afternoon along with some books; and a high school football game last night. i can't really explain to you all of the greatness that was entrenched in the hours and minutes, but it really was such a good day.

this morning i slept in, read and lazed about for the rest of the morning, met peter for lunch, hung out with my sister-in-law for most of the afternoon, and made these necklaces:

i know it kind of looks like a scarf, but that's the beauty of it - it's like a scarf without as much bulk as a scarf adds sometimes. we made them out of t-shirts, and were pretty excited with how they turned out. we also have ideas for different ways to make them - what we can add, etc.

anyway, we finished up our evening with a quick 2 mile run, and dinner at a japanese restaurant. now i'm winding down as i sit with a mug of hot cider.

as i read back over my thoughts for the day i think i'm getting a little better at finding the good things in the days and weeks of my life even if there is nothing extraordinary about them. i hope i am. i'm trying to look for the good things more than i have before, because there are good things out there. even if they're really small.

now i'm off to read myself to sleep. i hope you're having a splendid weekend!



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