missing the obvious

as i was having a snack this afternoon i flipped on the tv to an episode of the office [season 1, "the alliance"]. in this episode steve carell's character starts talking about how amazing and funny he is, and how he has set the bar really high for himself so people expect a lot out of him.

[via google images]

even though i've seen this particular episode multiple times, this time it made me wonder what types of things i'm ridiculously off about when i think about myself. what is the difference between how other people really see me, and how i see myself?

we tend to see ourselves in a positive light. i give myself the benefit of the doubt, even though i wouldn't if someone else did what i have done. there are many many examples of these things. and so today, i'm wondering what people say behind my back. i'm wondering what i overlook in myself. i'm wondering what those "michael scott" sort of things are.

how do you think the world sees you?


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