"phoebe HATES pottery barn?!?!"

only other lovers of the show "friends" will understand the above allusion, but it is fitting, i assure you.

my pottery barn fall catalog came today [along with instyle, but that takes longer to read. i digress...] and looking through all of the fall colors, and the sheer quantity of pumpkin decor makes me very very happy. everything looks so cozy and fabulous.

in the actual decorating of my house i don't like it when there's too much from one place. i like it to feel like home, and feel lived in, and i like a little eclecticism. i'd be lying if i said i don't like the thought of living inside of a pottery barn catalog -- i'd just like living inside of an anthropologie catalog more. it has more whimsy. and i like a touch of whimsy.

this particular catalog has me thinking of fall though -- reminiscing if you will -- since it hasn't been kind enough to show its face in our part of the world yet. i am dreaming of pumpkin and apple spice, of apple cider, and fires both in the fireplace, and in the firepit. i'm thinking about tights, and boots, and layers, and sweaters.

and all cozy things. cable knit throws, slippers, mugs full of all sorts of yummy things. pies. s'mores.

i'm determined to go to the farmer's market once it [LORD-willing] cools off, and purchase bundles of pumpkins and gourds. i'd like to mix them amongst the leaves which WILL fall - they must - and have a lovely little photo shoot.

would you like photos of pumpkins, pumpkin?

i know i would...


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