challenge extended

i have given myself a new challenge recently. and it will indeed be a challenge, which is part of the reason why i'm sharing it on here -- i think it'll help me stay on track.

so, here it is.

i'm not going to go shopping for myself, or buy any more clothes until thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING. i know for a lot of people going just over two months without shopping might be the easiest thing in the world. however, i could shop twice a week for my entire life, and never get sick of it. so this is the challenge of all challenges for me, and i'm counting on my competitive nature to carry me through to the end...

i also need to clean out every part of my closet from clothes and shoes to jewelry and purses, so i'm hoping this will encourage me in that too. if i don't want to wear something when i know i won't be buying anything new anytime soon then i probably won't ever wear it.

so that's my challenge for myself. we'll see how it goes.

there are many things that played into this decision, but most came from "the happiness project," which i finished last week. in the book gretchen talks a lot about how a crammed, disorganized closet can impede getting dressed and putting outfits together. personally, i've found that i'll occasionally forget about clothes that i have b/c i can't see all of them. i'm not sure that i'll be able to fix that entirely given the setup of our closet, but i'm hoping to come close with both clothes and jewelry.

now i just need to find the motivation to actually do it.
wish me luck!

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