it goes on and on and on

i had a terribly busy, yet rather delightful day today. i accomplished much and truly enjoyed the company of those around me. while i didn't end up with a pumpkin spice latte this afternoon [mostly due to the 90+ degree weather], i did enjoy a vanilla frappuccino. and delight of all delights i got to have dinner with one of my best girls at none other than chipotle!

[mini-tangent:] for those of you who live close to a chipotle, i don't know that you can fully understand the excitement it entails to travel the 30-ish minutes to the other side of the city to eat one of the best burritos ever created. the suspense alone is enough to drive you crazy! seriously, it's fabulous, and i count my blessings every time i get to go. odd, yes, but totally and completely worth it.

today also held the blessing of a completely free gift in a cognac colored leather jacket from spain. one of the ladies at church [and one of the sweetest women i have ever met in my life] had been given this jacket from a relative, and couldn't find anyone small enough to fit in it, so she passed it along to me. and it's gorgeous. and fits really well. and even though i've only had it in my possession for about 4 hours or so i'm quite fond of it already.

the final piece of my day involved not watching a soccer game as i intended, but playing in it. and on nights like this i'm reminded of how much i LOVE the game.

i also have lunch lined up for tomorrow in addition to some other work things. frankly, even with yesterday's setbacks this week has been a pretty stellar week, and the continuation of the trend looks positive as we head into the weekend.

that little cynical part of me is wondering when all the cards are going to fall, and everything is going to "hit the fan." right now though, i'm trying to enjoy it for all it's worth.

there are still underlying struggles, and i still have my melancholy moments, but by and large i'm trying as hard as i can to focus on the sunny side of life.

and right now the sunny side of life is manifesting itself as the second half of my burrito as a late night snack...

here's to
the up-side 
of life!


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